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The random place for stuff


Hey, what's up?

I'm Colin (or Tetsumonchi) and this is my LiveJournal. Welcome!

Basically in here you will find an account of my life from day to day, or week to week (or even month to month if I'm feeling lazy) where I talk about what's happening with me on the web and off. I hope I don't bore you too much.

I'm also the administrator over at the Miniclip forums, so you can catch me there most of the day if you want to talk or whatever.
acting, adventure games, age of empires, air travel, american history, american politics, animating, animatronics, anime, apple computers, archaeology, art, artificial intelligence, astronomy, aztecs, battojutsu, biology, blackmore's night, bombs, british history, bruce lee, cacti, canyon defense, cartoons, chinese cuisine, chuck norris, classic architecture, claymation, climate change, comedy, computers, cooking, crafts, demolition, deviantart, dinosaurs, dragonball, dragons, drawing, egyptology, english language, european history, extraterrestrial life, fasion, filming, final cut, food, games consoles, gaming, gimp, greenday, hair styles, health and beauty, historical novels, hockey, howls moving castle, insects, interior design, inuyasha, irc, karnataka, kingdom of heaven, lord of the rings, lordi, management, marine life, martial arts, mayans, metal slug, miniclip, mmorpg's, modern history, monty python, movies, mp3's, mummies, music, mythology, online gaming, philosophy, photo editing, photography, photoshop, platypus, playstation, playstation 2, politics, poltergeist, pop music, predator, reading, religions, religious history, reptiles, robot wars, robotics, rock music, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, samurai, satire, sea travel, shakespeare, shoes, singing, skiing, skillet, slapstick, song writing, space, space travel, spirited away, star trek, star wars, stargate, submarines, teen fasion, teenage culture, terminator, the abyss, the click five, the far east, the fifth element, the future, the middle east, the movie industry, the music industry, the netziz, theme parks, tony jaa, transformers, travelling, userfriendly, v for vendetta, vangelis, video blogs, video games, visual comedy, voice overs, water parks, weaponary, web forums, wildlife, within temptation, working out, writing, xbox, youth culture, youtube, zombies