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September 1st, 2008

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08:13 pm - My first day of college -
- went very well. The course itself will begin on Thursday which is when I'm next in, although one of the lecturers was kind enough to show us the type of camera we will be using and explain a bit about the course since we were all eager to get started. But first things first, we needed to be enrolled and get our student handbook, timetable and such. We also got ID cards. Mine, which I won't show to anyone unless I'm forced to, has a HORRIBLE photo of me on it. They used a web-cam to take it and it looks as though I'm ill and somebody has punched me in the face. Seriously, there's a blemish below my nose that looks like blood.

On a different note, our attic conversion in complete. I will post some photos and go into more detail in my next entry.
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